Nursery of Humanity

From "Cradle of Humanity" To "Nursery of Humanity"

It is generally accepted that Africa is the birthplace of humanity, but it is not (directly) the place where people split-off and started moving away from each other (in a dramatic way) which led to them looking and speaking (very) differently from one another (forming different races), and who the majority of people (living today) are descended from....
Central Asia is the - "Nursery of Humanity" - in the sense that it is the fulcrum from which most of the races of humanity branched out...  What better HOME (capital) location for a - WORLD GOVERNMENT -
SEE - Ground-breaking DNA research done by -
 - Dr. Spencer Wells - 
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and IBM's Genographic Project - 

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The National Geographic Channel - The Human Family Tree: Video

Have a look at photos of the people of the Central Asia region.  
 You might even notice a resemblance with these people between you and your relatives.