Case for a World Parliament

Global Problems require Global Solutions

World Government - evolution


We vote at the Local level and National level,

it is now time we be able to vote at the Global level.


 - - - After World War One - - -


Location 1Europe -
League of Nations (Geneva, Switzerland)
Problem - Lack of Global representation.
 - - - After World War Two - - -

Location 2Americas - 
United Nations (New York, USA)
Problem - Better global representation at the country level, but lack of citizen representation.  The lack of citizen representation means the UN lacks legitimacy in terms of it being able to truly represent the interests of global citizens and therefore lacks the ability to carry out the wishes of global citizens which legitimacy would grant.

 - - - Can we avoid WW3? - - - -

Location 3Asia - 
World Government (Aral Sea, Central Asia)
Solution - The creation of a - truly legitimate world parliament - voted by and accountable to Global citizens - the choice is ours...
  - The "sickness" of another World War must be prevented !
  - We need a global safety net to deal with natural disasters and social problems !
  - We must create order out of the current global chaos !
  - We must create a world based on justice, equality and fairness !
  - We must save our planet from environmental destruction that threatens our existance !
A UNPA is a stepping-stone towards the development of a Democratic World Parliament and ultimately the creation of a Democratic World Government.

The year 2016 will be the 500th Anniversary of the term - Utopia - invented by Sir Thomas More in the year - 1516 - 
 - In honour of this parliamentary hero, wouldn't it be nice to have a UNPA voted into existence by the year 2016 ?
 - All that is required is a 3/4 vote within the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to do this.
 - Contact your National Parliamentary (or Congressional) Representative and request their support.