Hope and Salvation

The Sands of Time


The history of humanity has been a history of competition verses cooperation, mainly over resources, and deciding when cooperation (and sharing) is better than competition (and not sharing) and the risk of either getting everything or nothing.


Whole countries eventually formed through the idea that it would be better to cooperate than to compete, and avoid potentially getting into a fight and risk not only not getting anything but actually risk losing what they already had.

Winds of Change


We are now at a stage to decide (as a species) whether it would be better to cooperate or to compete over the whole planet, or the rest of the planet that is not part of a country, which (by the way) is over 70% of the planet which is covered by water or ice.


Ultimately this idea could be extended to space.  Would it be better to compete in exploring and obtaining resources from space (the moon, planets, asteroids, etc) or better to work together and share the resources extracted from them instead ?


Although our creative capability is immense, so is our destructive capability and we (as a species) must decide if we are going to live together peacefully on this planet (and beyond) and share, or destroy each other fighting over it.


I am not saying I am against competition, but like any sporting game it must be conducted based on fair rules and in the interests of a common good.  Competition is a default position, it is cooperation that is more challenging and which requires more work in order to generate greater benefits for everyone.   Cooperation can provide more for the many than competition can provide for the few.  


If we think of our world (yes, as global citizens we own it) and beyond it as a limitless bounty... then through cooperation we will be able to improve the standard of living of all inhabitants on-board spaceship earth...

A value worth more than money

What value could be worth more than money ? How about health, freedom, the environment (the air you breath and water you drink) ? Like many things, the value of money depends on what value people give to it... what assets can be purchased with it, or what assets support its value...

A dream worth more than life

What could possibly be worth more than your life (or even risking your life) ? Is there anything you would be willing to die for ? Do you believe that we would have the society we have today if it were not for those who risked or gave up their lives for a cause or idea that they thought would improve their lives and the lives of others ?


Democracy: having a say in public administration and how it affects your life


Democracy is about having the ability to elect representative leadership and be able to change from one political state to another without violent conflict. Most countries either have this, want it, or are striving to obtain it. What is lacking is a serious drive to have democracy at the Global Level... but that is changing... 

Vision for the future


Avoiding Economic, Financial - and other problems


The "stimulus" packages instituted during the last depression did not work. It was only World War Two that finally ended the "Great Depression" by necessitating the need for war-time armament and then after the war, to re-build destroyed cities. 


Wouldn't it be nice to avoid this kind of "hassle", and simply start building new sustainable cities ? Especially, considering the kind of fire-power that exists these days - we might not get another chance....


Debt problems can also be resolved by creating the concept of infinite value based on the value of the earth (& beyond).  Then to make sure debt does not exceed equity.  Every person on the planet could own a Prosperity Account enabling them to accumulate equity (ownership) in the planet (& beyond) as well as be holders of its debt value which would not be able to exceed equity value.  To obtain equity value a person could purchase it; but, they would also be able to accumulate a portion of it automatically (as a reward, on their birthday) simply by behaving themselves, improving themselves and helping others.  Whole new (sustainable) cities could be financed this way.  Imagine, a world without slums - or poverty.  Healthcare, Education, Pensions and an improving quality of life for all - on a Global Scale !


The future should be about new (international) Cities, not new Countries.  A Global Prosperity Account along with a New Social Contract (and Global Constitution), would help achieve this...